Perils & Perks of AI for Promotional Copywriting

Ah, the joy of the written word! Until you realize you’ve been AI-ed. All it takes is a word like “tapestry” to feel tricked by an unauthentic robot writer of Artificial Intelligence.

The Perks

 It’s great for product descriptions, chat boxes, and online retail operations. And applications where an abundance of keywords for search engines, overused phrases and specific vocabulary are expected, and uniformity is helpful. Quoting AI, “the power of AI writing tools is to enhance productivity, improve content quality, and streamline various writing tasks to meet specific needs and objectives.” Well said, AI.

The Perils

However (another overused AI word), there are other applications where AI’s uniformity, neutral opinions and lack of human variation are unwelcome. Like copywriting aligned with a brand’s voice and messaging where effective language must be emotion-evoking, inspiring, authentic and engaging.

For example, AI couldn’t write this for Bluebeards Resort on St. Thomas:
“For those seeking new experiences, inventive island cuisine, and a frosty rum punch — this is an ideal adventurer’s vacation spot!”

Yet, AI is super helpful as a copywriting  tool. Great for fact checking, widening your vocabulary, finding synonyms with applications and introducing you to an angle you may not have considered.Let’s test AI on one of our clients: Frenchtown Brewing Company. We asked Perplexity.AI (a favorite tool) to help us invite travelers to drink beer: “Visit Frenchtown Brewing Company”

AI Version:
To visit the Frenchtown Brewing Company, head to Frenchtown in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. This brewery, located in the quaint fishing village of Frenchtown, offers tours and tastings of their craft beers. You can explore their selection of beers, ratings, reviews, and more to enhance your experience at this unique 3-barrel nano brewery.

Our Copywriters:
Hello traveler! Quench your thirst for #IslandHopped beers at Frenchtown Brewing Company in funky, quirky Frenchtown. Enjoy exceptional brews in the island’s original craft brewery among the brew tanks — most often with the brewer himself. Learn how beer is made on a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean. Welcome to the 5-star taste and feels of St. Thomas. Cheers! 

It’s easy to tell the difference. Human-speak is more aligned with the contextual interests of the target market, less structured, more conversational, colorful, and authentic in its invitation to ‘join us for a beer’.

Enjoy AI and use it carefully to make yourself a better promotional writer. Avoid triggering detection algorithms with common words like transformative, endeavor, foster and delved. To quote AI: “While AI copywriting tools offer efficiency, accuracy and cost savings, they may fall short in terms of creativity, emotional intelligence, and handling complex topics.”

Assign the inspired, human, creative copy crafting to yourself. Truly connect your brand to buyers with legit emotion and information with a cohesive brand voice.

You got this, human!