Text Marketing in the Swifty Era

Four Tips to Channeling Your Inner Swifty

Taylor Swift hits it out of the park continually — sold out shows across the world, a record breaking blockbuster movie, fanatic fans and friendship bracelets — we can learn a lot from her marketing strategy. 

Despite ever changing and ever challenging marketing options, Taylor continues her path of mercurial growth. How? With basic timeless tools that are the same for her business and yours. Here are our four tips to channel Taylor Swift and become a marketing rockstar:

1. Know Your Audience

Taylor knows who her Swifties are. Her fan base ranges from Gen Z to Boomers with the gender base equally split. That’s a lot of fans. When looking at Swiftiy demographics, 53% of U.S. adults said they are fans, and 16% identified as “avid” fans according to a Morning Consult survey. To further define her core audience, psychographics come into play — to identify interests that determine how to target the targets. Unless you’re Taylor Swift with massive marketing budgets, broad targeting wastes money and weakens results. Do the work to analyze who and where the majority of your audience is so you are talking to the right people.

2. Tell a Story

Taylor gives us all something to love through her art of storytelling. Some would argue that this is what sets her apart from other recording stars across today’s genres. Her storied songs are relatable, emotional and extremely catchy. Think her storytelling classic, “Love Story”. The same is true for why some brands thrive more than others. For instance, a Publix commercial doesn’t concentrate on selling you groceries; rather the feeling those products provide. Your marketing efforts should do the same. 

3. Don’t be Afraid of Change

Taylor Swift doesn’t just adapt to change, she drives it. She is the ultimate trendsetter. If Taylor was still coming out with hits like “Our Song”, we wouldn’t be lusting after her new albums each year. Her keen ability to stay relevant with her loyal fans while reaching out to new audiences keeps her continually on top of the charts. The same goes for your brand — stay stagnant or embrace changes, adapt and grow.

A stellar example is the Stanley cup — A drinkware brand that completely adapted and cultivated a new customer base and in turn, a national trend. Here is their story: Check out this piece.

4. Be Creative

From Eras inspired outfits to trading friendship bracelets, Swifties have made the Era tours their own and countless brands have taken the opportunity to market to them. (See how Coca-Cola, Vegemite and Mountain Goat got creative with TS!) What can you do to create a buzz for your brand? Just like our Donut Drop or Data Hog, do something different and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. 

While you relive the lessons of Marketing 101, plug in those earbuds and dance your way to new ways of creating excitement for your brand.